RaweTrip CSGO Software Hack 2021

RaweTrip CSGO Software Hack 2021

Points RaweTrip CSGO software
and etc.
Developer note :
-where are the configs saved? – “appdata / roaming / rawetripp /”
-All icons will not be shown, what must I do? – it’s sufficient to put in the fonts from the archive hooked up with the dll
-where can i download the config from? – The archive involves a developer config
-Does otc v3 kill? – Copes without so much crisis
-What bullet does the cheat use to repair the LowDelta? – There are 2 forms of resolver – Default, further, the second resolver, fixes the loudette from the first bullet. Default – from 2-3

find out how to Use ?
Download rawetrip.Rar
download MadInjector : click on right here
start csgo
MadInjector as administrator
Inject rawetrip.Dl

exchange log:

fixed nightmode
brought new agents
constant teleport accuracy
New keybinds list
New penetration crosshair
fixed Legit AA
advanced scope animated
indications animated
updated watermark
added customized units (in agent changer)
different minor fixes
added keystrokes
added notifications (load/store config, skin applied)
fixed skins when loading the config
constant Skins tab
expanded hitchams (substances resolution)
bear in mind to put in the units! (they are within the archive)

Just comment for the password.

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